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Many of us grew up with the manners our mothers taught us. Mindy is no different. Except that for her the teachings were not as much an annoyance as they were the beginning of a love affair. We all fixate on something from our childhood. For some, it’s our mother’s cooking; for others, it’s our father’s ability to land a baseball perfectly centered in a leather mitt. For Mindy, it was the dainty dance of relating to others perfectly—no matter who they were and no matter who she was. Finishing school at eight years old planted a seed that would blossom several seasons later into a full-fledged mission, a calling to inspire others to find their confidence in etiquette. A fascination for how we all get along has translated into a career of teaching others the art of showing respect, being considerate, and enjoying themselves in everyday life.

After graduating with a degree in communications and settling down with her favorite person—her husband, Ty—Mindy attended the Protocol School of Washington. From there she combined her passion for the civil side of etiquette with the polished details it requires to create a career in etiquette consulting and training. She lives in Portland, Oregon, with her two daughters and her husband and enjoys her work throughout the United States.

Mindy is the president of the Mindy Lockard Gracious Living, which includes seminars and training materials, stationery, and industry coaching. Mindy teaches formal etiquette courses for people of all ages and provides valuable corporate training for schools, government agencies, and private companies. Mindy writes for Crane & Co.’s, The Crane Insider as well as Stationery Trends magazine’s column “What’s Write.” She is also a monthly guest and contributor for Fox 12's More Good Day Oregon

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