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Custom Programs & Private Instruction

(all ages): Custom one-on-one programs for children and adults are geared specifically to the individual’s or group's interests and needs.

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Children and Teen Programs

Children's Etiquette (ages 8 - 12): Course topics include dining, making eye contact, handshaking, writing thank-you notes, answering the phone (whether it be home phone, cell phone or pay as you go phone) and taking messages, introducing others and self-introductions.

Teen Etiquette (ages 13 to 18): This course focuses on preparing teens for college and the basics of getting a job. It teaches the importance of eye contact, handshaking, dining, using modern technology, writing thank-you notes, public speaking, and preparing for an interview.

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College and University Programs

This course focuses on preparing young adults to enter the workforce. Programs are customized and may include dining, refining networking skills, technology savvy, meeting and greeting, and interview skills.

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Corporate Consulting

This service provides custom seminars related to the current and potential needs of businesses. Mindy Lockard works with business professionals to help them refine interpersonal skills related to business and social settings, to build selfconfidence, and to improve relations between coworkers.

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Public Speaking

Mindy Lockard provides custom public speaking instruction/consulting for businesses, schools, churches, associations, and nonprofit organizations. Mindy keeps the presentations fun, interactive and humorous!

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Mindy’s how-to advice is being used as a guest blogger (Crane & Co. and TeachStreet), a magazine column contributor (Stationery Trends magazine), and an online columnist (GartnerStudios.com). Contact Mindy to write for you!

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Private Instruction

Need one-on-one attention? Mindy is
available for private instruction to
help you achieve your personal
etiquette goals.

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